How to Choose a Smartphone Guide

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide

Today, the market is rife with smartphones making it a daunting task for the buyers to choose the right one among the lot. You need to first understand the phone specific jargons, such as dual- and quad-core, GHz, mAh, and megapixels to taste the salt of the digital world. If you are contemplating buying a new smartphone lately, it’s time to stop mulling any further, as this ‘how to choose a smartphone guide’ will help you narrow down your search to the device you’ve always wanted. After reading this brief guide you will have sufficient understanding about the important components of the phone, enabling you to select a phone that’s right for you.

Understand the various types of Operating system available

An operating system is one of the most crucial aspects to consider before buying a smartphone. Hence, before buying a smart phone have a good idea about the different types of OS that exists.

Android OS

It’s a google owned operating system that integrates with google services, which include search, Gmail, Hangouts, YouTube, etc. most of the phone available in the market are android based. The best part about this operating system is that the applications that you might have to pay for on iOS and windows phone are available for free here.

Windows phone

Window phones are now catching up with the Android and iOS. There are only few providers of window phones in India, which primarily includes Nokia. While the OS needs improvement therefore it is likely that you may not like the window phone as much.


Operating system only found in iPhones, is really a game. As Apple is known for its quality product so you can expect high quality from iOS powered iPhones. It offers smooth operations with hardly any instances of iPhone freezing during the usage.

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Processor will decide the speed of your device

Processor is another essential factor to consider, while buying a smartphone you are bound to hear dual-core, quad-core, and even octacore processors. But now the question is what should you put your money on? Samsung’s octacoreExynos and Apple’s dual-core A7 are the lions in the market.

Check the Display from every angle possible

Another best way to judge a smartphone is to look at its screen from various angles and observe the changes in color, and also in varying lighting conditions for visibility. Phones with Screen up to 5inch and above have become the ideal choices among various users.

Trust me! You will never like to compromise on the Picture quality

A 5MP camera offers a standard resolution with decent picture quality. It is the specification of the resolution that matters the most, so if you are looking for a camera with good picture quality then it is resolution that you should be your point of focus rather than Megapixels.

It’s always one thing about RAM- the higher the better

It is said that the more the RAM the better the phone, hence opt for higher RAM.

Ensure that your device enable you maximum Storage

As a smartphone provide us access to our e-mails, social networks, photographs, video, and music, always go for a phone that comes with ample storage ranging from 8GB to 16GB.

Size does Matter

There are a plethora of sizes available in smartphones, however choose the one that fits your need and usability. If you like pocket friendly phones then go for small size but if you like to watch video and do intense web search then you should buy a smartphone with bigger screen, as bigger screen provides more clarity with the real feel.

A phone with poor Battery life is not a smart phone per se

You may have a feature-rich phone at your disposal but if your phone’s battery keep running out, then the device is useless. Moreover, your preference should be a device that supports a user-replaceable battery.


Above mentioned essential specification will lead you to a phone of your choice, however consider buying a smart phone from a renowned brand, such as Samsung, as they offer better after sales services.

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