Comprehensive guide for buying domain names

buying domain names


buying domain names

Online start-up ventures need different marketing tools so as to be successful on every front. Website domain name is the first impression the user has about your venture. It therefore becomes supremely important to register a domain name that truly explains your trade and is instrumental in providing expected results. Everyday expanding online market makes it difficult to acquire the desire domain name as the desired domain name is already acquired in most cases.

Essentials of effective domain name

Voices your brand

The domain name should clearly state the services offered by your venture. It should not give any wrong impression regarding the product or services to be marketed.
Short and crisp
A simple domain name is more likely to attract clients and gain popularity than a complicated one. In order to ensure that clients don’t make any mistake while searching for your venture online, you should avoid use of special characters and keep it alphanumeric.

Grips user attention

Domain name must undoubtedly focus on the target audience. It should be designed so as to grab the attention of the user and inspire them to avail the product or services offered.

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Tips to buy domain name

Steps to be taken after the domain name has been finalized are also crucial to the fate of the start-up venture. Many companies with marginally different domain names tend to confuse the user and hence adversely affect your business prospects. It therefore becomes necessary to employ a competent and honest domain name registrar that does justice to your online business and its future prospects.

Register in your name

Domain name is unquestionably the most valuable asset for an online business endeavor. Registering your Domain name in your name is an imperative step to exercise control over your business. Website development agencies at times cater to the domain registration as well and in case of any disagreement with them you encounter an unfavorable situation as they have control to your business.

Don’t compromise with Quality

Domain name is too precious to risk by employing an incompetent registrar. A reputed and known company will cost you a little extra but give provide efficient services. It needs to be taken care that the high price cannot actually guarantee quality and trustworthiness of services.


Registrar must offer telephonic support when there are some issues with your domain. The assistance provided will take of your concerns and provide timely aid.

Don’t use free domain registration

Free domain providers do not provide any assurance regarding their service and also hold no responsibility in case they lose your domain name rights.

ICANN accredited provider

An accredited company ICANN for the US or Nominet for the UK make your domain purchase a stress free work. It gives you a confidence that will act in a virtuous manner.

Insight into the procedure

The registrar must provide the following details to you:
– Transparency of the cost of registering and renewal
– domain name services must be easy to utilize
–  ease of locating all your domain names in one account

Facility of locking

Domain registrar gives you provision of locking your domain name. This guarantees that no one can remove or transfer it without your information or consent.

Safeguard your domain privacy

Renowned registrar allows you to protect your privacy and not allow your private details to be visible to everyone. These providers insert your generic information in your Whois record and hence avoid spammers from viewing your details.
Domain name must be bought only from a well-known and trustworthy registrar who can cater to your entire domain related requisite and works with conviction. It is necessary to have proper understanding of the domain name services and consider reviews of other customers before taking the final decision.